Aluminium coating systems

New Build

For over 20 years we have been heavily involved in manufacturing of control systems for film aluminium metallisers. These control systems are sent all over the world and are pre-cabled by Manes to help with efficiency of the site installation.


As some of these machines are now 15+ years old, there are problems with obsolete components.

We have been working closely with the OEM on retrofit projects.

These can be simple I/O upgrades, and also complete system replacement.

A complete upgrade comprises of the following elements:-

  • Full PLC and HMI replacement
  • Thyristor and wire feed upgrades
  • Drive upgrades
  • Distributed I/O upgrades
  • Software preparation
  • Site installation
  • Commissioning and final acceptance

Waste water Treatment

We have installed our control systems on waste water treatment facilities throughout the U.K. the work has been primarily on settling and scraper tanks. This has included the electrical installation as well as full commissioning of the installed kit.

Waste recycling

Over recent years we have been heavily involved with the recycling of materials with clients up and down the country. Our involvement has been from design at the outset through to electrical installation and commissioning. These systems can be from a simple cascade start of a few conveyors up to full integration with existing system with detailed diagnostic feedback.

Large VSD Systems

We have the capability to install large Megawatt VSD systems. We have installed large VSD’s on power stations and steel making industry. This includes installation of large power cables including HV termination and sign off.

Food and Beverage/Pharmaceuticals

We have years of experience manufacturing Stainless Steel/Hygienic control systems for use within these industries, including Stainless Steel installation/containment systems.

Material handling and conveyor systems

We have extensive experience in these areas, whether it be a belt driven floor conveyor or a large overhead power and free. These systems can vary from simple start/stop applications to more complex systems with part tracking via RFID and full diagnostic and interrogation.

Reverse osmosis systems

We have designed and built a multitude of RO/Nano filtration systems for both the cruise and military installations.

Atex installations

Our qualified engineers have the training and experience to install in explosive areas. We can specify the correct equipment for the installation as well as provide a certificate of compliance on completion.

Trace Heating

We have a long history of building trace heating control systems including frost/process with and without electronic temperature control.


For several manufacturers, we have been producing intelligent hydraulic control systems. From basic Hydraulic power pack control panels, to multi pump panels controlling complex hydraulic systems. Some of the control systems we have manufactured have utilised distributed I/O which had a dramatic time saving on the installation and commissioning time. This also gives flexibility for future modifications/additions to the system.