Control Panels to Drive Conveyor Belts

Selecting the right enclosed VSD control panels and the different options to drive your conveyors can seem complicated. At Manes we have been producing conveyor control panels to suit many different application specific requirements such as driving conveyor belts.

Conveyor Control Panel Options

What are the different options available when creating the right enclosure control panel to operate your conveyor belts?

Safety Equipment

Conveyor controls should all at least have a quick stop and start controller. This along with an emergency stop function within the inverter is the perfect solution. An emergency stop safety controller adds that extra layer of safety to your conveyor systems. Protecting users of the equipment and products which are being moved along it.

Additional Conveyor Control Panel Options

Control panels can add additional functionality such as waterproofing (IP55), Speed Pot Potentiometer, Forward and Reverse motor controls and also the fabrication of Mild or Stainless Steel Enclosures.

Conveyor Belt Control Panels

3 Phase Constant Torque VSD 0.75kW Enclosed Inverter Drive Control Panel

£621.00 inc. VAT. £745.20

0.75kW 400V Three Phase Input, Enclosed Inverter, IP54 with Stop, Illuminated Start Push Buttons and Disable/Fast Stop Key Release PB, Safety Level PLa

Emergency Stop Option * 

Emergency Stop Function. This is the introduction of a safety relay, line disconnection contactor, emergency stop reset illuminated pb, and the changing of the black disable button to a key release red stay put button, this will have the effect of increasing the safety rating from PLa to PLd.

Heat Loss (W): 3.70

Forward/Reverse selector switch

Forward/Reverse Operation via a door mounted selector switch.

Speed Pot

Speed control operation via a door mounted potentiometer.

IP55 Protection

IP55 Protection, this is achieved by the introduction of stainless steel hoods over the cooling fans/filters.

Stainless Steel

Note. This option will change the enclosure size from the mild steel version to 380 x 300 x 210

Wall MTG Lugs

External wall mounting fixings.


3 Phase Constant Torque VSD 0.75kW Enclosed Inverter Drive Control Panel

Manes Controls 3 Phase Constant Torque Enclosed Inverter Drive Control Panels have been designed to meet todays requirements in quality, performance and unrivalled reliability. Product Downloads PDF – Manes Standard Inverter Panels.Three Phase (Estop) PDF – Manes Standard Inverter Panels 3 Phase (No Estop) PDF – Enclosed Inverter User Guide V1.1   3 Phase VSD Control Panel Videos

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  • 3 Phase Constant Torque VSD 0.75kW Enclosed Inverter
  • Incomer Size: 10A
  • Power kW 0.75
  • Encl Rating: IP54 (IP55 option available)
  • Height: 380mm
  • Width: 380mm
  • Depth: 210mm
  • Item Weight: Approx 13.66KG
  • Delivery Period: 3-5 Days
  • Other Information: Bespoke configurations can be produced – For any additional or specific requirements contact our sales team

Additional information

Weight 13.66 kg
Kw Rating


Incomer Size


Heat Loss (W)


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Manes Controls Ltd 3 Phase Constant Torque Enclosed Inverter Drive Control Panels areĀ Designed and manufactured from our UK warehouse